Why Choose Atlantic?

With over 20 years Brokerage experience, Atlantic Transportation is one of the leaders in the brokerage industry.

Our experienced, knowledgeable team can move your freight at competitive rates. We offer two pricing options:
Spot Rate: Market Rate with available capacity
Sole Source Solutions: Fixed rate for the lane with committed capacity and sole source capability

Atlantic Strengths Customer Benefits<
Capacity to move freight
  •Carrier screening process
• Ability to accommodate increased seasonal demand
• Access to tens of thousands trucks

Expertise • We ensure carriers have a good safety rating and carry acceptable insurance
• You make payment to one carrier, Atlantic Transportation, we pay all of the carriers

Full Accountability • We take responsibility for your loads whether on Atlantic Transportation equipment or on core carriers

Exemplary Service • We strive for on-time pick up and delivery in the high 90's.
• Atlantic’s Team increases your customer's satisfaction through excellent customer service
• 24x7 coverage

Contact • National office in Baltimore, MD
• Select Operations throughout the United States
• You work with a small team who know your service requirements

North American Coverage • Strong base of International carriers available
• North American International expertise simplifies cross border shipments

Atlantic Transportation is a leading provider of premium truckload and logistics services. We create transportation solutions for Customers using the broadest portfolio of services in the industry.

Atlantic Transportation is recognized by our Customers and the Transportation Industry for our service.

The information in this section of atlantictransportation.com will help you learn more about our company.