About Atlantic Transportation Services Inc.

On a warm afternoon in 1964 a young man stepped off his ship for the last time and headed home to Baltimore. The 21 year old gunners mate was leaving the USS Cony, a Navy Destroyer. Ron Rebbel, a 1963 graduate of Patterson High School, was about to enter his career long journey in Baltimore, in the transportation economy.

A chain of events led up to the culmination of his dream to create his own logistics firm. The journey starts on the loading dock of a Baltimore regional trucking company. Always having a keen desire to understand his function, he worked side-by-side with his supervisor, learning his bossí job as well as his own. An illness struck the supervisor, leaving Rebbel to step up and keep the freight moving. This was to be the first time, but not the last, he would step up in the shipment of product.

After completing his degree at the University of Baltimore he continued to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively manage customersí needs. In 1971 he joined Spector Freight and began working at their Quad Avenue terminal. The next several years would find him taking on more responsibility, ultimately managing the terminal in Baltimore. Deregulation hit in the late seventies forcing the industry to re-evaluate how to conduct business. Spector was unable to compete in the deregulated economy but the Baltimore terminal, under Rebbelís control, always stayed in the black!

The future is being shaped. In 1982 Rebbel struck out on his own to compete locally and nationally, eventually growing a small fleet of trucks. Rebbel, a visionary in the industry, saw and took the initiative to acquire a brokerage license at the same time. His company continued to grow as did the desire to maximize the profitability of its fleet. Headhauls were easier to come by but backhauls, returning home with freight, was proving increasingly difficult without regional locations. The concept of transportation brokerage was smoldering in Rebbelís mind. The trucking company had given way to a new philosophy with a different take on shipping and efficiency.

Atlantic Transportation Services was created as a non-asset based logistics company. The premise of the company is to maximize utility from existing carriers allowing trucks to run at optimal capacity. 3PLís are de rigueur today but it was very different when ATS started. Acceptance of brokers has become a mainstay and Atlantic has been leading the charge since the early Eighties.

Today Atlantic is comprised of three main components. Our National service area includes the United States, Canada and Mexico. Atlantic operates a small fleet of company-owned equipment in the Baltimore region servicing area customers with expedited service. Atlantic also offers warehousing services around the world including Baltimore, MD Long Beach, CA Knoxville, TN Nashville, TN New Orleans, LA Charleston, SC Chicago, IL Pittsburgh, PA Newark, NJ Houston, TX Savannah, GA.

The team at Atlantic is committed to continuing Ron Rebbelís vision. We have seen continued, sustained growth over the years and are continuing to evolve into the Logistics Powerhouse, in Baltimore and beyond.